Hard Drive Recovery

Hard disk drives store all personal or Business files, it may contain Tally Data Files, Microsoft Office Files, Family photos and Videos of loved ones or any other important data.

When your hard drive fails it’s very stressful experience, one should never face such scenario. If your hard drive fails and you don’t have access to your important data, we can help you to get your data back from your failed hard drive.

We have experience in Laptop hard drive recovery, desktop hard drive recovery and from a variety of operating systems like Windows Operating Systems, Linux Operating Systems, or MAC operating systems and hard drives types like IDE / SATA / SCSI, SSD / Solid State hard drive recovery


There are several types of errors mainly classified in two types:

Logical Failure: hard drive said to be facing logical errors when data cannot be accessed due to deleted data from hard drive, data loss while cut paste process, data loss due to improper shut down of laptop or desktop, software bugs, Shift deleted data, Formatted Hard Drive, Data loss while installing Operating system, Loss of Operating system, Corrupted File system, Corrupted Operating System, Virus infection to Hard Drive. Loss of data while resizing Partition or merging partition, lost partitions, accidental formatting, accidental reformatting, accidental deletion of files, and etc.

Mechanical Failure: Hard drive said to be facing Mechanical Failure when hard drive is not functioning, the device is not turning on or it is not being read correctly.

The most common causes are head crashes and motor failures. Input output device error, I/O error, MBR corruption, Master Boot record Error, hard drive showing wrong capacity, Dead Hard drive, Bad Sectors on Hard Drive, Clicking Noise from Hard Drive, Beeping Sound from Hard Drive, Disk in the Hard Drive Not Spinning, Encrypted Hard Drive, Drive Powered on but not detected by operating system or computer, Grinding or Clicking Sound from Hard Drive, Fallen hard drive, Password protected hard Drive, Head Stuck on Platters, Hard Drive not detected in operating System, Hard Drive not detected in Bios, Hard Drive not Accessible, Virus Infected Hard Drive , Hard Drive Firmware Problem / corruption, PCB problems, Hard drive showing unallocated space, Hard Drive Detected as Raw Partition, Power Surges, Water damaged Hard Drive, Burnt Hard Drive, Or any other Human Error.


Our Hard Drive Recovery Service provides recovery from almost all the types of errors you facing.